Recommended Software for AI Students

Institute for Artificial Intelligence

The University of Georgia

Last Updated 24 June 2010

This web page replaces the "lend-out disc" that we formerly distributed to students. Most of this software is for Windows, but major items have Mac and Linux counterparts. Some of these items are locally written and not available elsewhere.

Windows enhancements

Desktop Icon Save and Restore, for saving and restoring your desktop layout. Especially useful if you change video settings or roam among computers with different video modes.

UNXUTILS — UNIX commands such as diff, grep, etc., from Gnu. After installing, you must edit the file search path yourself (follow instructions given). [An invitation: If an AI student would like to use WiX or a similar package to make a proper Windows installer for this software, it would be a valuable service to the community.]

Remote access to IAI files

WinSCP SFTP client for SFTP access to our servers.

General-purpose text editor

Notepad++, for editing programs and LaTeX documents.

PDF file viewer

Adobe Reader.

LaTeX scientific word processor

LaTeX users will need Notepad++ and Adobe Reader, above.

MiKTeX distribution of TeX and LaTeX.
Caution: When installing, be sure to specify "Letter" not "A4" as the default paper size.

(My preferred workflow is latex, dvipdf, skipping the PostScript (ps) stage, so I don't need a PostScript viewer.)

University of Georgia thesis style files and documentation.

AI Software

SWI-Prolog (Prolog compiler).

Gnu Common Lisp (Lisp compiler).