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Photography for art's sake

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Photography for art's sake

I used to attempt art photography nearly every day. I've been away from it most of the time for several years but have decided to resume trying. So here's a picture I took in a downtown Athens alley the other day:

Copyright 2021 Michael A. Covington
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iPhone SE, postprocessed in Photoshop.

A one-hour vacation

As a post-Valentine's Day resolution, Melody and I have started taking short rambles together almost every day, exploring the area around Athens and occasionally finding something picturesque. The other day we went to the Elder Mill Covered Bridge in nearby Watkinsville, and both of us got some memorable pictures. Here's mine:

Copyright 2021 Michael A. Covington

Here's a more conventional view of the bridge and of the sign describing it.



University in time of pestilence

I can't totally do without the University of Georgia's libraries, and yesterday (Feb. 28) I made a short expedition to the Science Library to see if, in fact, I can comfortably read there while wearing a COVID mask. The answer: it can be done but isn't pleasant. To control fogging of my glasses, I need a mask with a long wire above the nose, carefully bent to the right shape.

The University is open but requires masks indoors. The biggest COVID precaution is one that may become a permanent part of our culture: avoid needlessly crowding close to strangers. So the students are much more spread out than usual. This is feasible because about two thirds of them aren't there.

As you can see, they've put a mask on Godwin (a notorious statue that represents God as seen from one side, Darwin from the other, and from the front, and old man with an eye problem). And there are stern warnings at entrances to buildings.



I spent some time looking at an interesting book, Efron and Hastie's Computer Age Statistical Inference, and checked it out.

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