These sessions were held in the fall of 1999.

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Please note: These sessions were intended for an audience of conservative churchgoers. Presenting the same material to a secular or skeptical audience, I would organize it somewhat differently, with different priorities.


Can a thinking person be a Christian?

Does the Gospel conflict with scientific knowledge
and modern discoveries in other fields?

How can Christians achieve intellectual integrity?

Come discuss tough questions with us
in these sessions led by Dr. Michael Covington
(U.Ga. faculty member in computer science and artificial intelligence).

Oct. 10, 1999 - The Christian mind: Can a thinking person be a Christian?
Oct. 17, 1999 - How do we know God exists?
Oct. 24, 1999 - Science vs. Christianity, part 1: Scientific method
Oct. 31, 1999 -
no meeting
Nov. 7, 1999 - Science vs. Christianity, part 2: Evolution
Nov. 14, 1999 - Where did the Bible come from, and can we trust it?
Nov. 21, 1999 - Who is Jesus and did He really rise from the dead?
Nov. 28, 1999 - Can non-Christians go to heaven?
Dec. 5, 1999 - Explaining Christian sexual morality to a non-Christian world

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What is Christian apologetics? (PDF file)

Christianity in a Postmodern, Relativistic World (PDF file)

Recommended reading: (See also others in some of the later handouts.)

Paul E. Little, Know Why You Believe
Kreeft and Tacelli, Handbook of Christian Apologetics
C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity
C. S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain
Richard Swinburne, The Existence of God (a technical book addressed to scholars)
R. Giere, Understanding Scientific Reasoning
C. S. Lewis, "The Funeral of a Great Myth," in Christian Reflections.
Edward J. Larson, article in September 1999 Scientific American on the number of scientists who believe in God
Edward J. Larson, Summer for the Gods (about the Scopes "monkey trial")

(Click on each book title for Amazon.Com ordering information.)

Beech Haven Baptist Church
(Atlanta Highway, between Alps Road and Epps Bridge Parkway)