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Astrophotography for the Amateur

Free Astrophotography Software

  • Astrophotography exposure calculator (revised November 2000)
    This revision gives fractional seconds in decimal as well as fraction form (such as 0.018 as well as 1/60 second) for the convenience of CCD users.

  • Program to calculate effect of polar axis misalignment

  • BASIC programs from first edition

  • Almanac program
    (Calculates sunrise, sunset, twilight, moonrise, and constellations visible.)

  • EXIFLOG - Digital photo logging program

  • JPEG-to-FITS converter by Carlos Milian
    (Converts JPEG files to LRGB FITS for advanced processing.)
    Hosted here as a service to the author. I cannot support this program or answer questions about it. Note that JPEG is a lossy type of compression and it is better to start with TIFF or camera raw files if you want to do LRGB processing. -M.C.

  • To unpack the ZIP files, use WinZip.


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