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Psycholinguistics and natural language processing
Photography and image processing






Software from Covington Innovations

In addition to doing custom software development for others, Covington Innovations has a few software products of its own. The selection will grow in the future.

Psycholinguistics and natural language processing

Measuring the similarity of words
and the coherence of texts

This program measures to what extent a text consists of words that are commonly mentioned in the same context, and thus, whether the text sticks to a single subject or rambles. It uses data sets from the Stanford GloVe project, or other data sets in the same format.

User manual

CoVec is a Windows command-line application, usable under Linux and MacOS with Mono.

CoVec is available for experimental licensing. Please contact Covington Innovations with inquiries.

Related products of
The University of Georgia

The following programs are not from Covington Innovations but are related to Michael Covington's earlier work at The University of Georgia.

(Moving-Average Type-Token Ratio)
a Windows program for measuring vocabulary diversity in a way that is unaffected by the length of the text or speech sample

(Computerized Propositional Idea Density Rater)
a Windows program for measuring propositional idea density in written or spoken English

Further information is available at the University of Georgia's CASPR web site and commercial licensing is available.

Photography and image processing

Making a log file from
exposure data in digital photo files

This free, open-source program for Windows reads digital camera photo files (.jpg and many other formats, even movies) and makes a text file giving the file names, dates, and exposure information.

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Last Revision March 2016