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Clear Sky Chart for Athens, Georgia

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IMPORTANT NOTE — PLEASE READ: This page dates from the 1990s, when search engines were not mature. Nowadays I am only making essential corrections. This is NOT a general list of astrophotography-related links, and I am NOT soliciting suggestions for more things that should be on it. Please use a search engine to find other astrophotography pages — there are many good ones!

This page is not about astronomy as science; it is about how to use telescopes and astrophotographic equipment. For general information about astronomy, please see Wikipedia, Astronomy Magazine, Sky and Telescope Magazine, and Spaceweather.

Here are a few links of general or local interest:

  • Especially for North Georgia
  • Where to buy telescopes and other equipment
    • Orion Telescopes and Binoculars (mainly their own brand of telescopes and accessories, which are good; very good place to start if you're a beginner; very informative catalogue)
    • Astronomics (leading full-line dealer selling all brands, recommended for the more experienced observer; has informative literature for beginners too)
    • During the COVID pandemic, you should always check whether dealers are fully operational; some are not.
    • Large-volume discount camera dealers:
      • Adorama (low prices, wide selection; New York discount dealer with staff knowledgeable about astronomy)
      • B&H Photo (low prices, wide selection of everything photographic; mail order and New York store)
      • Samy's Camera (the B&H of the west, in Los Angeles)
      • KEH Camera Brokers (reliable used cameras; nationally prominent dealer in Atlanta, mail-order only)
      • Roberts Camera a.k.a. UsedPhotoPro (another very reputable dealer of new and used cameras and lenses)
      • Note: B&H, Adorama, Samy's, and KEH usually have the lowest North American prices on photographic equipment. Other reliable dealers' prices will be similar.
        Vendors who advertise much lower prices are often unreliable. Be especially wary of "bait and switch" tactics ("you don't really want that, it's no good, here's something better made by a different company"). When in doubt, check Google Groups to find discussions of particular vendors, but remember that bad experiences are much more likely to be reported than good ones; consider carefully whether each complaint is reasonable.

    • Rentals: Cameras and especially lenses can be rented from Adorama, LensRentals, and BorrowLenses, among others. This is an especially appealing option when you want to try out an unusual lens for astrophotography; many renters will let you buy the lens you are renting, so this is a great way to subject a lens to your most exacting tests on the stars. BorrowLenses has (and sometimes sells) H-alpha-modified DSLRs; that's where I got my modified Nikon D5500.

  • Older technical notes (most no longer being updated)

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