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The first observing handbook for the 21st Century...

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Celestial Objects for Modern Telescopes

by Michael A. Covington

(Previously announced as Amateur Astronomy with Modern Telescopes)

Published September 26, 2002, by Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0-521-52419-9 (paperback)
Available from Amazon.Com and other fine booksellers

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Outline and sample pages
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Updates and additional information
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Handbook for a new generation...

This is a new guide for amateur astronomers, not a clone of an earlier book. It features:
  • A complete guide to observing the Solar System and beyond
  • Emphasis on newly available Internet information sources
  • Moon map and finder charts that match the view through a telescope with a star diagonal
  • Pronunciations of all foreign names, including constellations, stars, and lunar features
  • Practical advice on observing with portable telescopes
  • Naked-eye limiting magnitude charts to measure sky transparency in the field
  • How to star-hop - and why you must sometimes do it even with a computerized telescope
  • Detailed descriptions of 200 stars and deep-sky objects visible from suburban skies
  • Complete Messier and Caldwell catalogues, Bayer/Flamsteed to SAO cross-index, and information about all other widely used catalogues
  • Comet, asteroid, and satellite observing, with explanation of orbital elements
Written as a companion volume to How to Use a Computerized Telescope, it is equally usable by itself, whether or not the telescope is computerized.

Contents and sample pages...

Part I - Amateur Astronomy

1     Using This Book Effectively   Sample page
2     Observing Sites and Conditions   Sample page
3     The Moon, the Sun, and Eclipses
4     The Planets
5     Comets, Asteroids, and Artificial Satellites   Sample page
6     Constellations   Sample page
7     Stars - Identification, Nomenclature, and Maps   Sample page
          (Note: The book does not contain a star atlas.)
8     Stars - Physical Properties
9     Double and Multiple Stars   Sample page
10   Variable Stars
11   Clusters, Nebulae, and Galaxies

Part II - Celestial Objects for Suburban Telescopes

12   Overview   Sample page
13   January-February   Sample page
14   March-April  Sample page
15   May-June   Sample page
16   July-August
17   September-October
18   November-December  Sample page


A   Converting Decimal Minutes to Seconds
B   Precession, 1950-2000
C   Julian Date, 2001-2015

NOTICE: The sample pages are
and may not be reproduced without permission. To view the sample pages, you may have to download and install Adobe Reader, available free of charge from

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