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Celestial Objects for Modern Telescopes
Object Databases

Celestial Objects for Modern Telescopes contains an observing guide to 200 selected stars and deep-sky objects that are chosen because they do not require dark country skies or unusually large telescopes. A 5- to 8-inch telescope in the suburbs is generally sufficient.

The files on this page identify those objects. In combination with TheSky, Starry Night Pro, SkyMap Pro, and similar software packages, they enable you to locate the objects on computer-aided maps and even point your computerized telescope at them automatically.

All were updated 2004 June 13 to correct the position of Chi Cygni.

All text files were updated 2007 March 13 to correct a small error in the position of object 28 (Tau Canis Majoris cluster). Because the error is only 0.22 degree, the binary files for various star map programs were not regenerated, but you are welcome to regenerate them yourself, following the instructions provided.

Files for TheSky 5 (ZIP file)
Files for TheSky 6 (ZIP file)
Information about TheSky

Files for Starry Night Pro 4 (ZIP file)
Probably also suitable for Starry Night Pro 3.
Older files for Starry Night Pro 3
Information about Starry Night Pro

Files for SkyMap Pro (ZIP file)
Information about SkyMap Pro

Generic text file database

Data in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (ZIP file)

To unpack ZIP files, use WinZip.


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