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Astronomy and Astrophotography


Astrophotography for the Amateur
How to Use a Computerized Telescope Celestial Objects for Modern Telescopes Digital SLR Astrophotography

Free software

Picture gallery

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History of Astronomy

Hodierna's Luminosa 8 = ψ(1,2,3) Aquarii
(Journal for the History of Astronomy, 2015)

Where, if anywhere, did Rheita see Veronica's Veil?
(Journal for the History of Astronomy, 2017)

Other Resources

Digital SLR astrophotography (especially Canon Digital Rebel)
Building a foam-lined telescope case
Polar axis misalignment calculator
Kodak HC-110 Developer Unofficial Resource Page
Kodak Xtol Developer Unofficial Resource Page
If you are new to amateur astronomy, click here for helpful advice.


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