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Do you have a computerized telescope?
Are you thinking of getting one (new or secondhand)?
This book is for you!

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How to Use a Computerized Telescope

by Michael A. Covington

Published September 26, 2002, by Cambridge University Press
ISBN 0-521-00790-9 (paperback)
Available from Amazon.Com and other fine booksellers

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A guide for the perplexed...

This is the first book on the market that tells you how to get your computerized telescope up and running. Here are some things it covers:
  • How the sky moves and how telescopes track it
  • Coordinate systems explained
  • Factors that affect pointing accuracy
  • Altazimuth and equatorial mounts
  • How to test your telescope's optics
  • Eyepieces (including the newest designs) and optical accessories
  • Basic astrophotography with film and digital cameras
  • Detailed instructions for Meade LX200, Celestron NexStar 5/8, and Meade Autostar
  • Troubleshooting -- what to do when it doesn't work!

Contents and sample pages...

Part I - Telescopes in General

1     Welcome to Amateur Astronomy!    Sample pages
2     How the Sky Moves    Sample page
3     How Telescopes Track the Stars    Sample pages
4     Using Equatorial Mounts and Wedges    Sample page
5     Telescope Optics    Sample page
6     Eyepieces and Optical Accessories    Sample page
7     Astrophotography    Sample page
8     Troubleshooting    Sample page

Part II - Three Classic Telescopes

9     Overview
10   Meade LX200    Sample page   Sample page   Sample page
11   Celestron NexStar 5 and 8    Sample page   Sample page
12   Meade Autostar (ETX and LX90)    Sample page   Sample page

Newer telescopes such as the LX200 GPS, NexStar 5i, and Celestron 8 GPS have good instruction manuals of their own and do not need separate chapters in this book. Everything in Chapters 1-8 applies to them. (Many telescope instruction books are available online at Astronomics even when not on the manufacturers' own web sites.)

The classic telescopes documented in Chapters 10-12 will remain in wide use for decades to come, and since the early models had somewhat skimpy instruction books, Chapters 10-12 will remain useful.

NOTICE: The sample pages are
and may not be reproduced without permission. To view the sample pages, you may have to download and install Adobe Acrobat, available free of charge from

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