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Michael Covington's Digital SLR Notes



This page comprises my own notes about digital SLRs as well as a collection of useful links. I am currently using a Canon Digital Rebel and collecting useful knowledge about numerous other cameras. Links to pages other than my own are in gray.

Michael Covington
Astrophotography for the Amateur

All Digital Cameras

Monitor calibration chart and instructions
(adjust your brightness, contrast, and gamma)

Processing DSLR deep-sky images with Nebulosity

Processing DSLR deep-sky images with MaxIm DL and MaxDSLR

A comparison of methods of digitizing 35-mm slides

EXIFLOG (free software that creates a text file listing basic exposure data for a set of digital photos, updated recently)

Phottix exposure timer

"YouReview" users' reviews of lots of cameras

Curve shape in digital photography (what is meant by linear conversion, tone curve, etc.)

Dust in the picture! (cleaning lenses and sensors)

Photoshop for aerial photographs (how to get beautiful pictures through an airplane window)

How to correct vignetting with Photoshop (without add-ons or plug-ins)

Photoshop image combining (double exposures and dark frame subtraction)

Processing astronomical photos in Photoshop, by Chuck Vaughn

BlackFrame NR, a good dark-frame-subtraction utility to remove hot pixels

Rob Miller's Photoshop plug-ins for astrophotography

Using a webcam as a focusing magnifier

Review of the EOS 20Da (astronomy version of 20D)

Canon Digital SLRs

EOS 300D/350D (Digital Rebel, Digital Rebel XT) astrophotography (camera settings, workflow, and best practices)

Miscellaneous notes on the EOS Digital Rebel and related cameras

Using non-dedicated flash with the EOS Digital Rebel

Building a cable release and serial-port cable for the EOS Digital Rebel

[NEW] Building a serial-port cable for the EOS 40D

Lens test links

Digital Rebel (EOS 300D) manuals and drivers (Canon Canada)

Digital Rebel tips and tricks by Liem Bahneman (includes Russian firmware hack)

Canon BeBit Digital EOS astrophotography guide (Canon Japan)

Review of the EOS 20Da (astronomy version of 20D)

Canon EOS 10D vs. Nikon D70 astrophotography test
(in French with poor English translation)

EOS documentation project

Using manual lenses and telescopes with EOS (N. K. Guy)
(includes information about lens adapters to put Nikon and M42 lenses on EOS)

Note: I have had problems with an inexpensive Nikon-to-EOS adapter. When using a heavy lens, the weight of the lens or the camera will cause the lens and adapter to pull apart slightly on the right-hand side, causing a picture that is not in focus across the whole field. This is very noticeable in astronomy but might go unnoticed in pictorial photography; you'd just think you didn't focus very well. In my experience, M42 (Pentax screw) to EOS adapters are very solidly built; so are T-adapters.

Nikon Digital SLRs

Nikon support page with instruction manuals, drivers, etc.

Nikon D70 User's Guide (instruction manual)
Manuals for Nikon digital SLRs (Nikon Singapore)

Canon EOS 10D vs. Nikon D70 astrophotography test
(in French with English translation)

Brian Webb - Technical photography with the D70

Lens test links

Nikon D2H astrophotography tests (Jerry Lodriguss)

Other Specific Cameras

Yahoo! group for Olympus DSLR astrophotography

External flash with the Nikon Coolpix 990

My Other Photography Pages

Kodak Xtol Developer: an unofficial resource guide

Kodak HC-110 Developer: an unofficial resource guide

Astrophotography links (numerous!)

My best astronomical photographs

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