Michael A. Covington, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist Emeritus
former Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Institute for Artificial Intelligence
The University of Georgia
Room 111, Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center
Athens, Georgia 30602-7415 U.S.A.
E-mail:      LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mcovington

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Important note: In June 2013, I left the University of Georgia in order to work in industry. I still have faculty privileges but am not available to teach or direct student work. For more information see our newsletter.

These web pages are being kept here because some of their content is of lasting interest. They do not necessarily reflect ongoing activity.
Policy on laptops and cell phones in the classroom
    If you use your laptop while I'm lecturing, I'll assume you are using it to take notes or to try the computations that we are discussing.
    Please do not use it for web surfing, e-mail, entertainment, or other irrelevant purposes. This is discourteous and can cause considerable embarrassment to you as well as to me. If the computer obviously captures your attention, I'm likely to step over to your desk to see what you're having trouble with – and if it's not course-related, we'll both be disappointed.
    Do not answer your cell phone in the classroom. During tests or exams, do not even look at your cell phone (which might be displaying text messages); keep it hidden away and turned off.

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