Michael A. Covington, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist Emeritus
former Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Institute for Artificial Intelligence
The University of Georgia
Room 111, Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center
Athens, Georgia 30602-7415 U.S.A.
E-mail:      LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mcovington

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If a paper has been published in a journal or conference proceedings, but only an unpublished version is here, you should obtain and use the published version if at all possible.

Projects with web pages of their own


Research papers for these projects are on each project's web page, not here:

CASPR - Computational psycholinguistics, including schizophrenia work
ARC - Computer understanding of text descriptions of architecture (cathedral project)
FinITA - Financial intelligent text analysis
IHUT - Intelligent handling of unstructured text (information extraction)

Medical AI at Georgia (my presentation at Health Journalism 2012)


Covington, Michael A. (2001) A fundamental algorithm for dependency parsing. Proceedings, 39th Annual ACM Southeast Conference, Athens, Georgia, 2001.
PDF file with important corrections (2010) Original PDF file

Covington, Michael A. (1994) Discontinuous dependency parsing: work in progress. (PDF) (PostScript)

Covington, Michael A. (1990) A dependency parser for free-word-order languages. (PDF) (PostScript)

Prolog and logic programming

Covington, Michael A.; Bagnara, Roberto; O'Keefe, Richard A.; Wielemaker, Jan; and Price, Simon (2011) Coding guidelines for Prolog. Theory and Practice of Logic Programming. PDF
Presentation: PDF PowerPoint

Covington, Michael A. (1996) Natural language plurals in database queries (PDF) (PostScript) Revised version published in Applied Artificial Intelligence.

Prolog Programming in Depth, by Michael A. Covington, Donald Nute, and Andre Vellino. Prentice-Hall, 1997.

Natural Language Processing for Prolog Programmers, by Michael A. Covington. Prentice-Hall, 1993.

GULP (Graph Unification Logic Programming) now has its own web page.

Efficient Prolog: a practical guide (PDF) (PostScript)
Practical notes for Prolog programmers. Published in Artificial Intelligence Review.

Human-computer interaction

Covington, Michael A., Can Machines Be Polite? Presented at Cognitive Systems Conference, sponsored by Sandia National Laboratories, Santa Fe, N.M., July 2005.
PowerPoint File PDF File (very large, downloads slowly)

Covington, Michael A., The Technological Relevance of Natural Language Pragmatics. Presented at Cognitive Systems Conference, sponsored by University of New Mexico and Sandia National Laboratories, Santa Fe, N.M., July 2003.
PowerPoint File PDF File

Numerical methods

Covington, Michael A., How to Make a Lumpy Random Number Generator Presented at International Workshop on Plan 9, Athens, Georgia, October 23, 2009.
Paper (PDF) Slides (PDF) Video

Computers in historical linguistics

Covington, Michael A. An algorithm to align words for historical comparison (PDF) (PostScript) A revised version of this paper has been published in Computational Linguistics.

Aligning multiple languages for historical comparison (PDF) Presented at COLING-ACL '98.

The number of distinct alignments of two strings (PDF) (PostScript) A revised version of this paper has been published in Journal of Quantitative Linguistics.

Other linguistics

Covington, Michael A. (unpublished) Converging transition networks and sub-morphemic regularities in Latin noun inflection. (PDF) (PostScript)

Covington, Michael A. (2005) Scientia sermocinalis: Grammar in medieval classifications of the sciences. Nicola McLelland and Andrew Linn (eds.), Flores Grammaticae: Essays in Memory of Vivien Law, pp. 49-54. Nodus Publikationen, Münster, 2005. PDF File

Covington, Michael A. Why the ablative, locative, and instrumental cases fell together in Latin (PDF) (PostScript)

Covington, Michael A. A 700-year-old argument for a syntactic transformation (web page) This paper appeared in an online festschrift for Noam Chomsky organized by MIT Press.

Covington, Michael A. An empirically motivated reinterpretation of dependency grammar (PDF) (PostScript)

Covington, Michael A. GB theory as dependency grammar (PDF) (PostScript) Paper presented at the 1992 International Congress of Linguists.

Covington, Michael A. (1981) Evidence for lexicalism: a critical review. Indiana University Linguistics Club. Released on the Web in 2009. PDF file.

Covington, Michael A. (1978) Stoic Syntax: The structure of the axioma in the logic of the Old Stoa. Released on the Web in 2006. PDF file.

Language for electronic commerce

Covington, Michael A. On Designing a Language for Electronic Commerce (PDF) (PostScript) (A revised version of this paper has been published in International Journal of Electronic Commerce.)

Covington, Michael A. Speech Acts in Electronic Communication, KQML, and X12 (PDF) (PostScript) (A revised version of this paper has been published in Decision Support Systems.)


Covington, Michael A. Defeasible logic on an embedded microcontroller (PDF as published)

Covington, Michael A. Logical control of an elevator with defeasible logic (PDF as published) (PDF of manuscript, more readable)

Alcor: A Microcontroller-Based Control Circuit for Conventional AC Telescope Drives (for astronomy)

Computer ethics

Covington, Michael A., Design and Implementation of a Campus Computer Ethics Policy, Internet Research 5.4 (1995) 31-41.
PDF File

Covington, Michael A., Unfinished Chapters on Internet Ethics. (From a book project discontinued in 2001.)
PDF File

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