Michael A. Covington, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist Emeritus
former Adjunct Professor of Computer Science
Institute for Artificial Intelligence
The University of Georgia
Room 111, Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center
Athens, Georgia 30602-7415 U.S.A.
E-mail:      LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mcovington

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Important note: In June 2013, I left the University of Georgia to work in industry. I still have faculty privileges but am not available to teach or direct student work. For more information see our newsletter.

These web pages are being kept here because some of their content is of lasting interest. They do not necessarily reflect ongoing activity.

Contents: If you're a new AI student, please browse through all of this. It's designed to be useful.

Academic information

Writing papers and theses - General information

Writing papers with LaTeX

The R statistical software package

Linguistics and natural language processing

Prolog and symbolic programming

Other technical information

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